Its almost midnight and I just want to SLEEP!!!  That is a metaphorical midnight, by the way: its actually 4PM. But I do need to sleep, and I’m in the 11:59th minute of my New York experience, soooo…. it makes sense!

I just performed a play in New York City! What!?  Terry and I have been working on our devised piece, WILD WORLD, and we really wanted to perform it before my semester here ended. So I talked to my boss, and we ended up being able to do a showing in my theater’s rehearsal space! Originally my roommate was going to do tech for us, but she had to work and so I recruited the tech guy from the new theater company working at the Starr. We rehearsed with him for three hours this morning, and then just did our showing! As all artists know, it is freaking difficult getting people to come see your work, though. Sooooo, Terry and I invited nearly fifty people, had about a dozen people who said they would be there, and ended up having an audience of five. But hey, and audience of five is still an audience, and both Stepan and my boss, Noel, were there, and for me they were the main people I really wanted to see it. Haha, Stepan said he has pages of notes to send us… could be bad. And Terry and I are fairly convinced he was not  sold. We will see. Noel said he really enjoyed how well we built up the spaces we were in with no set. But basically, Terry and I created a play about being alone in a crowd in New York City, and we are the sole writers, directors, and actors… and we performed it. Pretty cool stuff.

Aaaaand I am moved out of the New Yorker Hotel. We had to be out by today, and since I am at the theater all day (that is where I am now) when I left at 7:30 this morning I dragged the duffle that contains my current life with me. Yesterday was the last day I will climb eighteen flights of stairs– something I did every day I was here except my birthday. (I feel that this accomplishment is nearly equal to Terry and my show… ) Tonight and tomorrow night I am staying with an old friend of my mom’s. She has a lovely studio apartment on the Upper West Side, and it will feel like a palace after the inglorious dorms I’ve been living in.

Our program officially ended with a bang on Friday night. We all went to dinner at Stepan’s apartment, and then on to performance number twenty-one (within the program, that is– in total I’ve seen more like thirty). It was an Alvin Ailey dance performance, and it was awesome. –every time I see dancing it just makes me want to dance more. I love theater, but I need to be dancing tooooo! It was a good end.

Annnnnnd Midnight is ticking closer, and its time for Cinderella to get herself out of the big city and back home to where she can sleeeeeeeep