Subway Adventures

Saturday, November 3rd.

Tonight is the closing night of the play I have been working through my internship, Blood Play. I got a call yesterday informing me that A) I was needed, and B), by the way there’s also a matinee. My plans of an all day catch-up rehearsal with Terry crumbled a few hours in the morning, and I started looking into how in the world I was going to get myself to Brooklyn.

The issue is, see, that most of the Brooklyn-Manhattan Subways are still down, so while normally it takes two trains in a half hour to get to my internship, today it took, well, five trains, three strangers, three hours, two police, and getting lost twice. And for the record, getting lost is not something Shanan does very often.

Aside from feeling like I was wasting rehearsal/homework/fun time, I rather enjoyed my adventure. Starting in Washington Heights where I was rehearsing with Terry, I took the A down to 42nd, the 7 across to the east side of town, took the 4 (which had been re-opened 15 minutes before) down into downtown Brooklyn, walked and found the A again which I took out towards Queens, where I finally got on the J which took me into Bushwick. From there I had to walk, and I’m fairly certain I covered nearly twice the distance I had to in my very indirect route. On train number three I had a very lovely conversation with Carlos, and aged hispanic man, about global warming and its affects on hurricanes. He warned me that there is a NEaster coming in on Wednesday, so now I am prepared. Walking the last leg of the journey I bought an embroidered ear warmer for $3 (in Manhattan they’re $10) from a hispanic lady and we chatted away in Spanish for a while. One man I asked directions from said he has been having to bike to work, and he never realized how much exercise he was missing taking the train. I found out that the J train, which I had never taken before, runs above ground and has cell service, and I enjoyed talking to a friend while watching Brooklyn pass underneath.

We are between shows right now, and I’m decided whether I need to eat or not. Probably I should eat dinner, though my stage manager just informed me that any food left over was mine. Score! The college kid gets her free apples and crackers and tea! Tomorrow I am having an actual all day rehearsal with Terry, but before then I have to figure out how to get back to Manhattan tonight in a hopefully more efficient way than I came here.


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