Post Storm

Well, we survived. Since there is plenty of footage on the news that shows the effects of Sandy much better than I would be able to outline them, Im going to skip it. Suffice to say that while Midtown returned more or less to normal by Tuesday, much of the city and the surrounding country have not been so fortunate. This is apparent as soon as one tries to leave Midtown, because most of the subways are still flooded with water.

I personally had a great hurricane experience. The storm hit on Monday, and by midday I was restless enough to go out in it. I put on my hiking boots and rain jacket, and headed down the Hudson River Waterfront. It was very windy, and raining off and on, but that was the extremity of the conditions. The Hudson was definitely more roilsome than I’ve ever seen it, though. Though not to many, there were other people out on the waterfront experiencing the storm, all of us a little more open to connection through our joint experiencing of the elements than strangers in New York usually are. By the time I got back, my hiking boots were soaked through.

Its the end of the week now, and I think everyone on our program is a little tired of being cooped up in Midtown. We had only one of our three classes this week, and no one has been able to go to their internships. On Wednesday night we saw a play at Signature Theater, August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson. It was very good, and Im glad it wasn’t canceled the play we were scheduled to see on Monday was.

This isn’t a terribly entertaining post, everyone (sorry!), but I wanted to send out an update. Special thanks to Joyce and the rest of the Department for their concern, and to everyone else who sent their thoughts our way.


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