Storm Watch

And Mistress Sandy is sweeping closer. Pushing up waves and winds before her, she comes inexorably closer with utter disregard for those scrambling in her way. I want to share what Stepan said on the subject:

“So it looks like the storm is indeed coming our way. The New Yorker sent you a “warning” and the emergency procedures few days ago, and I urge you to read them carefully. According to all the news, the storm is going to be a BIG one – perhaps the biggest ever to hit New York, and it may get pretty bad here – electricity outages, flooding, high winds that will knock things over, etc… Please don’t do anything stupid, try to stay indoors (things may be flying all over the place outside including on your heads), and in general stay safe. Also charge your phones and computers since it is possible, if unlikely,  that we will be without power for a day or more.

I thought that was entertaining. Warning us to protect our heads against flying objects is, I feel, the mark of a good leader. The subways shut down at seven tonight and are not scheduled to reopen until “the storm has passed and it has been deemed safe to do so.” My roommate Andrea and I went shopping today for non perishable goods and the stores had more people than normal in them but less food. Everyone is stocking up, and walking around the city earlier nearly every conversation I overheard had to do with the approaching storm.

Andrea is definitely anxious about the situation, while my other roommate Erin is fairly mellow. I am pretty unfazed. I think I am so nonchalant because usually when I worry about weather its when I am out sailing. Being on a 40 ft sailboat in a storm, one that is being directly affected by the wind and waves and that you have no way to leave, and factor in that there is the possibility that the boat could sink or you could fall over board on watch at night… and your sea sick and its dark out and in sketchy Mexican waters with no essentially no coast guard and no one in radio range except some shrimp boats…   Well, some rain and maybe the utilities and electricity going out just aren’t bothering me that much. (I just knocked on wood). Honestly, though,  after all of this hype I hope something happens. I want to get a story out of this!

In addition to the latest excitement about the storm, it has been a pretty crazy weekend. Friday night I was working my play and had to miss seeing the Wooster Group’s production of Hamlet– its the first program play that I’ve missed, I was bummed. I got back to the room at the same time as my roommates and they told me that they were off to a club and if I wanted to come I had to be in a costume and ready to go in twenty minuets. It was nearly midnight, and I had to be up for rehearsal by 7:00 am the next morning… I dithered for about a second before throwing practicality out the window and adopting the mindset of you only live once! I didn’t have a costume prepared, so I threw on heavy makeup and weird clothes and looked faintly jesterish. We– Catlin from the program came also– went to Webster Hall, down in the east village. Right near NYU, it was packed with NYU students, all in halloween finery. OK, halloween is a serious holiday here. The last few nights after 6pm the streets and subways are beset by raucous partiers in outrages costumes. (oh, funny story; last night I got fro-yo and the lady thought I was dressed up as Katniss Everdeen. Nope, I just wear hiking boots and my braid over my shoulder. It was weird, though, because a few weeks ago an actor at my theater told me I looked like Jennifer Lawrence… it must be the braid. Anyway, obviously I should just go get a bow for Halloween and Im set. Oh wait, the city will be underwater. *sigh). Anyway, it was a crazy party. The venue had three different dance floors, like fours bars, fours levels, and was absolutely packed with costumed college kids (it was a 19+ event). We danced until three in the morning on a disgusting sea of alcohol, sweat, glow sticks and plastic cups, pressed in all around by cowboys and hippies, stripes and masks, wigs and capes. It was craziness.

And then the next day on two 1/2 hours of sleep I went and rehearsed with Terry. I was fine all day until I got to work last night, and then I started crashing. Sitting backstage in the dark I just kept thinking about how nice it would be to lie down… But guess who was at the show? Who came out to the little Bushwick Starr in Brooklyn, and who we used the fright elevator to bypass the stairs for, and who I got to see!?!?! Edward Albee! He is a very tiny old man. It is very cool that he made it out to my (“my” lol) theater and saw the play that I am working. Very exciting.

Ok, I am exhausted and have a storm to catch up on sleep for. Wouldn’t want to miss it!



One thought on “Storm Watch

  1. Joyce Beeny says:

    I’m (and the whole department) very concerned about you all ! I hope you will post often and let us know exactly what is happening. It sounds very, very serious!!
    Please don’t take any risks — stay on the really safe side of things.

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