Sunshine in October eclipses modern art.

Yesterday we went to Dia Beacon. Beacon is a small town about an hour north of the city along the Hudson River, and Dia is a large modern art museum in the town.

We have been seeing a lot of modern art on this trip– I am kind of modern-arted out– and while there were plenty of installations at Dia that I did not give more than a cursory glance to– such as the blank white canvases–, there were a few installations that were really engaging. There were a few huge Richard Serra pieces that we could go inside of, and I was struck by those, especially because a few weeks ago we learned about Tilted Arc, a piece of his that was installed in a public square near Wallstreet and became extremely controversial because the public hated it. The piece, which had been site specific and and no end date, was eventually removed. While his pieces were large in an inspiring way in the museum, I can maybe see why people hadn’t liked Tilted Arc in their square… a hard decision! There was another artist, Sol LeWitt, who had an incredible installation that was a series of grids drawn directly on the wall. He uses mathematical  exactness to create patterns and shapes that are both calculated and oddly beautiful, layering lines and colors to create repetitious designs that catch and hold the viewers eye. In the basement there was an old film exhibit, and I watched a home video of a party thrown by Yoko Ono and John Lennon for almost twenty minuets.

I have to say though, that cool as the art was, just being out of the city on a beautiful day eclipsed the art viewing pretty substantially. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the leaves were all showing their fall fire, and there were barely any cars and fewer people, and what people there were were laid back and friendly!!! –it was great to get out of the city. We walked the quaint main street and got fish and chips for lunch– that was my fried food quota for the trip, no joke. After the museum I and four of the other girls from the program decided to take the later train, and spent an enjoyable hour down by the water taking artsy pictures in front of the setting sun. The Hudson was beautiful– there were sailboats out on the water, and I would have liked nothing better than to pirate one and go sailing. (My family owns a sailboat so it was a semi realistic urge in that if I somehow ended up on one of the boats I would have been able to sail it… Anyway, didn’t happen. )

In the evening my roommate Andrea and I watched The Dark Knight, which I hadn’t seen. And yes, it was pretty much all it was talked up to be. Heath Ledger was basically amazing. Huh, also, I just almost remembered my dreams last night– they were really weird, and I bet the movie had something to do with it… hmmm.

Enjoy the sunshine everybody!


One thought on “Sunshine in October eclipses modern art.

  1. Joyce Beeny says:

    I really enjoyed reading this posting!!

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