Fall Is Showing

Suddenly it is chilly here. We need more than sweatshirts if we are outside for any amount of time, and hats and gloves are starting to appear. I bought a pair of second hand Ugg boots a few days ago, though, so I’m ready! Bring it on, winter!

My birthday was Sunday. I spend it mostly in rehearsal with my friend Terry Fletcher. Since he is very busy during the week we have to cram on the weekends– its fun! We started off in Central Park– he made me fall backwards and then scramble on my butt during character work, and when I got back up and broke character I realized he had had me fall in the only dirt/mud patch in the whole grassy area. Jerk. It started raining harder so we re-located to my hotel, where we broke all of the rules and explored the floors I’m not supposed to be on. The ball room was empty, so we had a great few hours of rehearsal in there. Staff members came through a few times, but far from kicking us out they were enthusiastic and then would try and make me break character by commenting. Ahhh rehearsal in public spaces! Finally in the evening we got a few hours in at the rehearsal space at the Bushwick Starr, my theater, which we are welcome to use any time its not in use… its just almost never open. Anyway, the piece is coming along excitingly– the first part is a lot more abstract than we first envisioned it; beyond a few obscure monologues it is almost all choreography. We have a whole subway routine… and we practice it sometimes on subways… it is very amusing.

This afternoon my roommates and I spent some time in Washington Park, a small park in the Villages. There was a clown-type-performer/possibly just insane man in a red and white stripped man’s one-piece bathing suit type thing running around with his props, which was entertaining for a while, and then I caught on that part of the reason he wasn’t freezing was that he was being extremely active, so I got really hyper and started running and dancing and cartwheeling around the empty fountain– its both much more fun and warmer being the person everyone else is looking at than one of the lookers! Cheers to being a performer.

I have worked as a figure drawing model before, and when I met LC theater major graduate Heather and she mentioned she does modeling in the city, I jumped on her for contacts. It would be a great resume builder and also… you get payed very well! Anyhow, I contacted a few artists. Two of them I haven’t heard back from, but Blue Sky Studios– the producers of Ice Age– got back to me right away. They were all set to book me for January or December, as their fall slots are already all filled up… and I had to break the news that I’m only here until November. If they have any cancelations they will contact me though. But yeah, producers of Ice Age… no big deal!

I also met with Stepan on Wednesday. I want to do more acting while I am here, and Stepan and I are both currently in New York and I, at least, am less busy than I ever am at school… so I asked him to coach me, and he said yes. So we met on Wednesday at the rehearsal space at my theater. He had me read Sonnet 73 about fifty times, but at the end of it he said I had “made progress.” Three cheers! We also worked on a monologue from Rosencrants and Guildenstern are Dead, and now I have memorization homework for next week, which I generally do on the subway because I am trying to fit in with everyone else who is dismissed as either crazy or a theater person in this city!

My roommates and I just saw Chicago. We went to the box office earlier today and got “standing tickets” (we literally stood at the back of the orchestra section) for $27. It was freaking amazing! I am in a state of being totally blown away by the dancing. I danced my way back through the subway station, with timely “And all that Jazz”s thrown in at appropriate intervals.

Hitting the big time!



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