forever and a day

Thank you Friday for appearing at last! The last week has been crazy, I almost felt like I was back on an LC schedule. It was kind of fun being that busy again, actually, but when Friday afternoon happens, and you realize all of your essays have been turned in and you have a nearly free weekend… its a good feeling. And yes, we actually had mini essays due in each of our classes last week! We have to write ten journal entries on plays we have seen for Stepan over the course of the semester, as well as three more formal reviews. Of the nine plays we have seen, I have written journal entries for six, and not done any reviews yet. I’m feeling pretty good about where I am though. In art we have to write a summary/response to each week’s class and related reading, and then write two more formal art reviews (one of which was due yesterday). And finally in architecture we have to write two essays, one of which was due Thursday. (And by essays, I mean the first one was a 750 word, mainly observation based paper… so, ya know, not to rough…) But yes, homework that wasn’t reading was a thing again.

The show that I’ve been working on, Blood Play, opened last night. I got promoted to assistant costume/crew position for it, but I am sharing the job with one of the other interns so we can both have evening lives at least some of the time. Yay resume builders! I can now say that I am an assistant costume/crew for the Debate Society, and an intern at Bushwick Starr, and the two are essentially one and the same.

We went to a baseball game Monday night– my first one. I am now a real American: cap, hotdog, and all. It was a Yankee vs. Red Socks game, and it was rather dull as the Yankees won without breaking a sweat… but Stepan got up on the big screen! It was crazy!

There was the New York 2012 Black and Orange Alumni Party a few nights ago. Since we were in the area, my group was invited to crash it. We spent a very pleasant evening in an upstairs reserved room of a bar, eating free fried food and mingling with Lewis & Clark alums. The oldest alum I talked to was class of ’65, while many there, including my friend Terry, I knew as they had only just graduated last year. It was a surprisingly fun event– chatting with these total strangers but bonded by the experience of going/having gone to LC. Apparently we used to be on a trimester; I had no idea. And I got to wax eloquent six different times about the new dorm, Holmes, of which the alums had been getting emails about but obviously never seen.

The weather is holding up! Yesterday it was in the high seventies, and today it looks sunny as well. I am planning on a sun filled afternoon of doing absolutely nothing in Central Park later. Yesterday after art class got out, my roommate and I decided to walk from the lower west side of Manhattan to Brooklyn. Starting near the twin towers site, we wove our way through the financial district, stopped and watched some street performers, and then headed over the Brooklyn Bridge. It was on the bucket list for the trip, so now we can check that off, although I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it again. Aside from the fact that like half of New York’s tourists seemed to have the same idea it was absolutely lovely. I should make it down to the financial district more often– the water front is beautiful, and just being able to see over the water for a few miles lets you get out of the city a little. Anyway, once in Brooklyn we went to the Middle Eastern section and I spend way to much money on baclava and halva and things. SO GOOD. I’ve been spending way under the budget the trip allotted us in general, though, so I feel okay indulging once in a while.

So long, all ye readers of the words! Cheers and thanks



One thought on “forever and a day

  1. Joyce Beeny says:

    HI Shanan !
    LC Fall Break is today and tomorrow so things are pretty quiet in the theatre today. Seems impossible it is mid-October already!! I’m so glad you are blogging and really look forward to your great posts. I’m glad things are going well for you– sounds like a nice balance of work and play.

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