Speciously humble galavanting

Right-o, so if I were an incredibly shallow person, and if I thought you all would want to hear about it, and if I had nothing better to write about, I would talk about how I fell deeply and superficially in love with one of actors in the show we saw tonight. Since, obviously, non of the above are true… moving on.

The show tonight was really cool though, if only because it was devised by a group of young people not much older than me, who are obviously “making it” in the theater world in New York. They just took their show on tour in Europe! (And he was really cute. Ahem!)

Today at my internship I had a thoroughly entertaining morning working with the props manager on trying to make convincing-looking liquors out of tea. It was a very contradictory experience feeling so very yogi and healthy drinking tea– that we drank in shots from liquor bottles, which just made me feel like a drunk. A very healthy drunk, I guess. Who had to pee A LOT! Later I got sent on a mission to retrieve an antique camera from a special affects shop where I had dropped it off last week. They weren’t playing around with the machine-gun simulator this time, I knew where I was going, and I found free books on the way there, so all in all a better trip than the previous one. Yesterday at the theater I glued fake dirt to the set. Its rubber, no joke. Super weird. The set is awesome, though! It only barely fits in the theater, and the whole thing slides forward… Yep, good stuff!

We saw a play last night, Detroit, by Lisa D’amour (D’Amour?) that featured David Schwimmer from Friends. I was in the second row– it was pretty great. Although I was kind of disturbed by the fact that his character, Ben, talked exactly like his character in Friends, Ross. I always thought Ross’ intonation was a character choice, but now I think not. Sad. Anyway, it was first sighting of a famous person (or at least one that I know. I could have bumped Robert DeNero in the street and I never would have known. [I just got his name from my roommate– no idea]) and it was pretty exciting. Irene, another girl on my trip, was almost hyperventilating she was so excited.

Homework is starting to accumulate. I have essays for theater, art and architecture all due next week. And I have to write a monologue for my character for Terry and my devised piece so we can start working on my voice cadences. But before we can really do that I need to hear back from my boss, Noel, about whether we can use my theater’s rehearsal space when its empty. Because that would make things suddenly all work! Terry and I have been rehearsing our devised piece in his apartment and in Central Park, and while that is entertaining…. it is only possibly to a certain extent. Also, I asked my professor, Stepan, if he would put some time in as an acting coach while we are here, and he told me to find a space… So fingers crossed that Noel says yes!

Lastly, its getting cold here! Alright, so I’m still wearing shorts most days… but I have to wear a sweatshirt too!

“Autumn is upon us, and winter is coming!”  (dun dun dun!!!!) Blackout


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