Well, like most things in life interviewing gets easier the more you do it. Especially if you just keep talking to the same guy over and over.  In the past week I’ve interviewed with Tom Costello from Atlantic Theater Company twice– the first time for the Operations Internship and the second for the Executive.  In each interview I also spoke a wee bit with the actual department heads, but Tom was the one conducting the interview, and I feel like we are almost friends! Three cheers!

The first one went well– and during the course of it I learned that Operations essentially is the machine that holds allows the company to function smoothly. The administrative side of it, to specify. So I would be engaged in things like fixing computers and calling the air conditioner fixer guy when the air conditioners break and couldn’t fix them.  Obviously a very important job– but not one I particularly want to be doing.

My second interview was for the Executive Internship. Again, its with the administrative side of the theater, but its also the top-office-that-peers-into-all-other-departments-and-as-contact-with-the-important-people-in-them kind of an administrative job. So I think I could be down for that. Also, this interview went even better I believe– Tom and the Executive guy (Dan?) asked me questions about things on my resume, and Tom asked me to clarify exactly what I would be interested in doing, because “we’d try to place you where you would be happiest.”  This seems positive to me… but at the same time I don’t want to get my hopes up, and I also don’t have super a lot of official internship interviews under my belt (as in, you’ve just read about both of them) to be able to compare it too. But hey, fingers crossed!

I also applied to an internship with The 52nd Street Project, a theater that works with youth. I’ve worked a lot with kids, and enjoy them immensely, and so got really excited when I was applying. Unnnnfortunantly they emailed me back saying they already have their four interns. As their website says they’ll take 3-8 interns I feel like this is rather coy, and have been toying with the idea of emailing back and telling them to consider me anyway. I should try and do that Monday… hmmm…



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