Internship Search Continued.

Right, after my test blog yesterday, here goes Official Blog # 1.

It is nearing August 1st, and I’m starting to be aware of the imminent approach of summer’s end. In the fall I will be living in New York City, studying art and theater and doing my best to thrive on the daunting East Coast. (I have a few reservations, used as I am to the mellow emptiness of the southwest. It’ll be fine!) The focus of the NY trip is an internship, and as I am a theater kid (by which I mean major) I have spent some few hours of the summer looking for and applying for internships with NY theater companies.

I say “some few hours of the summer” rather than a preferred “many hours” because I probably should have spent more time on the search than I should have. Which translates as, “I do not yet have an internship.”

I am not totally at a loss, however! I am currently waiting to see if I got an interview with both the Atlantic Theater and the Public Theater, have attempted contact with a few other theaters, and currently have a “please pass on all of your New York Theater Scene Contacts!” email sent out to friends and family.

I think the hardest thing is forcing myself to put time into this search. Though once I’m in New York having an internship will be crucial to my success on this program, it is hard to realize the relevance when the river is calling, or it seems so much more useful to spend those hours making money. If I was in NY instead of across the country, I would be much more excited. Also, I am much more of a presence in person… and phone conversations scare me.

Maybe not scare, but… I have called lots of New Yorkers this summer, and while I am getting better at it, the first few times I literally had to do a 5 minute theater warmup to feel confident enough to dial, and still every conversation I am shaking enough to make taking notes difficult. Also, accents. They are a thing. And help to make my listening comprehension go way down and my nervousness go way up. But since I figure calling is more memorable than emails…. I’ve been working on it.

Right, Blog #1 is ready for posting! (Now to figure out how to link this to the department somehow…. hmmm)




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